Our Vision and Mission


The overall aim of the Durable Peace Programme is to contribute to lasting peace, security, stability and sustainable development in Myanmar, especially in Kachin and northern Shan. In order to achieve this, the DPP has five main programme areas:


  1. Supporting Durable Solutions for IDPs and Strengthening Community Resilience: Displaced and conflict-affected women and men have better access to information, services and resources supporting durable solutions and community resilience
  2. Diversifying Livelihoods and generating income for communities: Displaced and conflict-affected women and men have improved access to appropriate value-adding livelihood pathways and land tenure security
  3. Inclusive Peacebuilding and strengthening social cohesion: Women and men are better equipped and have increased opportunities to engage in peace initiatives and build social cohesion
  4. Promoting gender equality and prevention of GBV: Improved women’s empowerment for social, political and economic action and reduction in GBV
  5. Deepening Expertise of Civil Society: Civil society in Kachin and northern Shan deepen their existing expertise on technical thematic areas, become more innovative and proactive, and further develop institutionally.