Durable Solutions and Resilience

There are approximately 105,000 internally displaced people in Kachin and northern Shan, living in over 160 IDP sites. For most people displaced by conflict, their long-term intention is to return home, to their place of origin  By preparing IDP populations for safe and dignified returns or resettlement, the DPP supports any eventual transition from humanitarian crisis to recovery, rehabilitation and development. By supporting the development of capacities and assets needed for improved communal resilience and protection, the DPP helps both IDPs and conflict-affected communities to weather the consequences of living in a context of violence and protracted and sustained conflict. This includes significant focus on specifically supporting women to assert their durable solutions rights, including those related to land and restitution; this is critical for improving gender equality. It is also important that women are influential in decision-making processes related to durable solutions, such as ensuring protection concerns affecting women are adequately addressed.