Deepening Expertise of Civil Society

A strong, connected, and skilled civil society is key to bringing about representative and lasting change in Myanmar. The Durable Peace Programme works closely with civil society, and uses the knowledge and skills within the Consortium and civil society partners to increase the capacity and reach of the other organisations. Based on positive feedback with regards to mutual capacity strengthening among international and national organisations, such activities will continue and be more properly monitored in this second phase. In both an independent review of the DPP consortium structure and ways of working, as well as the DPP phase one reflection workshop, consortium members consistently appreciated the access to sustained technical support and noted that the accompaniment model allowed by PMU advisers that can serve the entire consortium was more effective than one-off workshops or trainings alone. Similarly, a key strength of the DPP consortium was seen to be the opportunity to learn from each other and share resources and approaches. This result area defines both the support that the PMU is providing in the second phase of the DPP, as well as the capacity-building that partners are conducting with grantees – and mechanisms – such as thematic working groups – to ensure cross-learning and coherence of approaches within the consortium.