Relief Action Network for IDP and Refugee (RANIR)


About us:

The Relief Action Network for IDP and Refugee (RANIR) facilitates coordination between organizations that are working on providing humanitarian assistance with the aim of promoting cooperation and networking among them for effective relief work. Providing humanitarian assistance is based on principles of impartiality, minimizing suffering, and improving the welfare of IDPs and refugees who are in desperate need. While doing so, RANIR focuses on building the capacity of relief workers, as well as IDPs and refugees, to collect data and information, and document the situation on the ground, which in turn will be used for advocacy on behalf of the IDPs and refugees to international humanitarian organizations within and outside the country. RANIR carries out projects involving fund raising, channeling funds and materials to partners, documentary film making, storytelling, and documentation.

Under the DPP, RANIR’s activities in partnership with Trócaire are focused on information gathering, media content production, and the creation of short films and documentaries. This includes the ‘Voice of IDPs’, a short film series about the lives of IDPs in the region that is disseminated on their Facebook page, which has a large reach.