Htoi Gender and Development Foundation (HGDF)

Htoi (Win Lett) Gender and Development Foundation (HGDF), non-profit and non-governmental organization, was formed by religious leaders, community leaders, and social activists from Kachin State in May 2005. The main aim of Htoi is to address gender inequality issues in Kachin Society. Htoi has been working with the vision of “Every society in Kachin State accepted and practiced gender equality approach and Kachin State is developed and able to maintain sustainable peace” in Northern Shan State and remote areas along the Kachin State and China border.

For strengthening gender equality in Kachin society, Htoi intervenes through promotion of gender awareness capacity for local communities, public administrators from line departments, civil societies and religious organizations to integrate concept and approach of gender equality in their intervention and operational processes.

Under DPP, Htoi work on promoting Women’s Participation in COVID-19 response with the purpose of raising awareness on the gendered impact of COVID-19 and disseminate preventive material to vulnerable population, with focus on women at quarantine centres in selected areas of Kachin.