About us:

SWISSAID has been working in partnership with local organisations and networks in Myanmar since the 1990’s, with a geographical focus in Kachin and Shan States. The foundation of SWISSAID’s work is civil society support, mainly with township and state-level CSOs, through the provision of both funding (sub-granting) and accompaniment support. SWISSAID currently works in partnership with over 30 civil society organisations in Kachin and Shan. SWISSAID and partners have long-term experience working with communities for inclusive community-led development, including improving food security and livelihoods through ecologically sustainable agriculture, secure access to natural resources, income generation and market-based small business development. SWISSAID is partnering with four civil society organizations in Kachin in the second phase of the DPP. Partner organisations work with conflict-affected communities of different ethnicities.

Some SWISSAID programmes:

  • Livelihoods programmes, including household debt relief, forming community-based livelihoods groups, and value chain and market assessments 
  • Agricultural programmes, including sustainable crop cultivation and improved tea growing methods
  • Organisational development, including conducting administration and finance trainings with civil society organisations

Under the DPP:

Swissaid is implementing community development activities with partners. They work with villagers to establish community-based organisations in villages to help them with their livelihoods. They regularly have community meetings to help develop the agricultural skills of rural communities.