About us:

Oxfam has been working to reduce poverty and inequality in Myanmar since 2008. Oxfam does this through promoting the power of women and men to harness the benefits of political reform and economic development. This involves working with people to develop their ability to influence companies and to hold decision-makers to account so that policies protect their rights and reduce inequality and poverty for all. Oxfam in Myanmar is working with local organisations to reduce poverty, inequality and meet the humanitarian needs of over 450,000 people across Myanmar, in Kachin, Shan, Rakhine, Ayeyarwaddy, Mon, Kayin, Kayah, and Yangon.

In Kachin, Oxfam reaches over 80,000 people from displaced and host communities through humanitarian, peace, and development nexus programming. Oxfam works closely with nine national organizations forming the Joint Strategy Team, who are pioneering local leadership in humanitarian assistance in over 120 IDPs sites with integrated humanitarian-peace-development assistance, reaching over 80,000 people from displaced and host communities with funding support from EU and ECHO.

Some Oxfam programmes:

  • Economic Justice programmes, including on livelihoods, extractive industries and responsible investment
  • Humanitarian programmes, including WASH, flood response, and working with internally displaced communities
  • Governance programmes, including on social accountability and civil society strengthening

Under the DPP:

Oxfam is implementing activities around media, livelihoods, land rights, gender, and peace with partners through the sub-granting mechanism.