Pyoe Social Development Foundation (PSDF)


About us:

Pyoe Social Development Foundation was established in 2012, for capacity building, sustainable development, and the emergence of justice for the people of Kachin State. Pyoe is part of a wide network of civil society organizations in Kachin State and participates in civil society organizations movements and activities in Kachin. Pyoe is currently running projects on child protection, advocacy for children’s rights, civic engagement, leadership training and capacity building for youth, and social accountability. Field staff are based in Mogaung Township; they have very strong relationships with the General Administration Department and local religious leaders, and a network of volunteers working in both villages and IDP camps. Pyoe is currently working in: Myitkyina, WaingMaw, and Mogaung Townships, Kamai Town, and Moe Nyin District.

Under the DPP, Pyoe is implementing peace building training and refresher training for volunteer and staff, peace building sessions for children, child protection assistance and parenting awareness raising workshop.