Grip Hands Organization


About us:

Grip Hands Organization was founded in 2016 by representatives of Bhamo district CSOs and communities, the leaders of religious clubs, and people interested in social studies. The purpose of the foundation is to support peoples’ livelihoods and raise awareness of peace, citizen rights, protection, women’s rights, child rights, gender-based violence, social development, and income generating activities for vulnerable members of the community. We carried out a Civilian Ceasefire Monitoring project, organized a peace and social studies conference, and carry out trainings on peace and human rights awareness, including women’s and children’s rights. This organization regularly participates in General Joint Coordination Meetings held by Local NGOs, INGOs and also the Protection Working Group (PWG) lead by UNHCR organization. Grip Hands works in Kachin State in Bhamo district, including in Momauk, Mansi, Bhamo, and Shwegu, and villages and IDP camps in Lwege and Dotphoneyan districts.

Under the DPP, Grip Hands is working on projects relating to peace, human rights and protection.