Candle Light Library Foundation


About us:

The Candle Light Library Foundation (CLLF) was founded in 2012 to ensure that every child and youth has the chance to continue their learning; the conflict in Kachin should not mean their education is interrupted. This organisation’s vision is to give displaced people (especially children and youth) a chance to continue their learning, and have access to education, despite the civil war around them and lack of formal education opportunities. CLLF builds mobile libraries in IDPs camps and train the local community on how to run them. CLLF organizes activities like knowledge dialogues, competitions, special talks, English classrooms and volunteer programs in order to provide non-formal education for all. Once when the war is over and people are allowed to return to their villages, this organisation has the dream of helping communities to take the libraries back with them and building a brighter future through knowledge and education.

Under the DPP, the Candle Light Library Foundation is implementing activities on civilian protection that includes supporting provision and IDP ownership of basic infrastructure, library service, non-formal education programs, summer English training, storytelling, public speaking, dialogue and cross-cultural exposure programs.