Tai Youth Network (TYN)


About us:

The Tai Youth Network (TYN) was established during the Tai Youth Conference from 27th – 29th December 2013. 275 Shan youth leaders from different parts of Myanmar attended the conference and selected the 27working committee members of Tai Youth Network. The youth conferences were conducted for a second time during December 2015 and for a third time in December 2017.

Currently, there are 33 working committees in the Tai Youth Network. TYN works on Shan youth capacity building, representing Shan youth’s voices and supporting their engagement in the peace process, as well as engagement with other youth from different ethnic groups in Myanmar. The TYN programme implementation team has been implementing the following interventions in order to achieve their objectives: youth capacity building, civic education, human rights awareness, gender equality and women’s empowerment, land and natural resource awareness, and advocacy.

 Under the DPP, TYN is implementing livelihood financial and material supports, peace building activities and gender awareness activities.