Ta-ang Student Youth Union (TSYU)


About us:

The Ta-ang Student Youth Union (TSYU) was established in 1993. Initially, TSYU started as “Palaung Student and Youth Organization (PSYO)” in Mae Sot, Thailand, to initiate youth movements in political transitions and to strengthen youth capacity in political sectors. During 1998-2008, the group functioned as a network, called: “Ta-ang Student and Youth Organization”. At the second mass assembly for Ta-ang Youth during December 2008, it reformed and was renamed “Ta-ang Student and Youth Union”, in order to expand their mandate in terms of strengthening youth engagement in political sectors.

TSYU works to support Ta’ang people’s wellbeing; trying to empower Ta’ang youth by providing education opportunities, financially assisting displaced and impoverished Ta’ang villagers, and advocating for the Ta’ang people, as well as reporting on human rights abuses in Shan state.

Overall, TSYU’s programme sectors are: education, health, media and documentation, environment, livelihoods, community organizing and capacity building, and humanitarian assistance.  

Under the DPP, TSYU is implementing livelihood and peace activities. Livelihood activities include financial and material support to IDP communities. Peace activities include exchange visits to promote peace among different communities and ethnicities.